Apply for Investment

Section A – Company Overview

Company Social Presence

You may provide links to Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin pages relating to your business

Section B – Executive Summary

Section C – Financials

Value of Investment

You are required to insert the value of investment you are looking for and then to outline the type of round it is.

Annual Financials

You will be required to outline 4 Years of Financial Projections from 2014 to 2018

Funding History (Optional)

Section D – Pitch Deck

Supporting documents will add value and depth to your propositions


A short video (no more than 2 minutes), can help to bring your proposition alive.

Pitch Deck

A short concise pitch deck helps to visually demonstrate the compelling nature of your proposition, how you will develop your business and the key ways in which you will deliver return to an investor.

Investor Ready Business Plan

An Investor Ready Business Plan which matches what you have in the Executive Summary in Section B above demonstrates that you have the strategic understanding and capability to structure your business and manage any invested equity appropriately.